Short Form: Referring to the first long reference?


I’m fine with Endnote, there is just one thing that drives me mad:

Is it possible to put a reference number of the very first (long form) footnote in the subsequent short form footnotes, so that I can easily check the whole title, publisher, editor, pages and so on?


134 Smith, Paul (2012): Example of a very long title, NY. ← long form

510 Smith 2012 (footnote 134). ← short form

Thank you!



Sorry, I use Endnote X4, Word 2010 and Windows 7.

You can utilize Word’s Cross Reference option to refer to a prior footnote. Please see the following documentation:

Be sure to include a space between the EndNote citation in the footnote and the cross reference number.

Thank you Jason for your answer. Due to the fact, that I have hundreds of footnotes in my documents, I wanted to ask, if there is a possibility to edit the short version of the footnote within Endnote, so that there is automatically a cross reference number (like supra note)? Now, scrolling through the forum, it doesn’t seem to be so. :slight_smile:

But nevertheless, your advice helps me a lot with smaller documents.

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Hello Don,

You are correct in your assumption. There is nothing built into EndNote for cross-referencing. This is entirely a feature of the word Processor (Microsoft Word in this case). Therefore, there is nothing one can insert into an Output Style to automatically invoke the Cross Reference feature of Word and generate a link to the prior insertion of the original footnote. At this time, this would have to be done manually.