Footnote reference as "Surname, supra note xyz, at" in Bluebook Law Review Output Style

Dear all,

I have a problem with the Bluebook Law Review Output Style. Whenever I cite the same source it shows up as “Surname” and I can add the page. As I have many article by the same authors, it becomes really confusing what I am citing.

Hence I would like to change to cross-referencing and would like to know whether this is possible or I will have to do the extra-mile after I have done everything and start cross-referencing manually?

At the moment it looks like in the first attachment. I would like to change it in the way it looks in the second attachment. (The references were made manually).

Thank you for your help!


If you are using Word, you can use its Cross-Reference feature to keep track of the footnote numbers at any rate.

With luck the instructions for the NZ law referencing style may be adapted to the Blue Book requirements you need