cross referencing in footnotes

The OSCOLA (law) style requires cross referencing in footnotes, for example, if you cite a reference a second time, the short form is not only, say, Author, but also a cross reference to the footnote with the full reference. A cross-reference in from footnote 12 to footnote 3 would look like this:

  1. Smith (n 3).

Does anyone know how to make Endnote do this?

In short -Endnote can’t do this automatically.

But word does have a way to Cross-Reference in footnotes (Ifound this tip here andMicrosoft’s site has this). I don’t work with footnotes and haven’t tested the efficacy of this trick though.

So I guess you would insert the footnote in Word, add the endnote citation for Smith, and then use word again to add the cross-reference.  

You would also need the short form of the footnote to be just the Author, I assume.  If  you deleted the original footnote, not sure what happens next though.  That would be MSWord’s problem… and you might have to clean up the parentheses in the footnote.