Word 2011.02/X4.02: Output styles do not show up at all

After updating my Endnote X4 to X4.02 (Mac, Snow Leopard), the output styles are no longer found when I open the 

Style Mananger. The folder containing the styles - which are correctly specified in the preferences/folder options (/Documents/EndNote/Styles) appear to Endnote to be empty, even if it is full of styles.

When I try to format a bibliography in Word  2011, and try to select an output style, It suggest sanother directory (/Applications/EndnoteX4/Styles), which, by the way is also full of styles - but this is also listed as emtpy (0 styles).

I have tried moving the styles to different directories and changing the folder locations, but nothing happens: Neither Word or Endnote can find any styles.

Any suggestions?

best regards,

Jan Fredrik Hovden

University of Bergen

I have a similar problem too.

I am unable to access any of the output styles i download. When i select Edit, output styles, open style manager, Endnote tells me i have “Your Styles folder does not contain any Styles. Please select a new Styles folder.”

Endnote preferences states where the styles folder is located.

I go to the location but i can see the .ens files but am unable to click on any of the .ens output styles i downloaded. 

I’m using Microsoft Word 2011 and Endnote X.0.2 on a Mac OSX 10.6.8.

Moving the styles folders do not seem to work.

Hope you can help!

The problem you are experiencing may be due to the installation configuration of EndNote. You need to make sure the EndNote X4 folder resides in the Applications folder of the computer and the EndNote X4.app Application file itself is in that folder. If you have moved the EndNote X4 Application file from that folder, the software will not work properly. You can create an Alias of the Application file, but it cannot be moved from this folder. If you have moved the Application file, Quit EndNote and move it back to the Applications > EndNote X4 folder. When you re-launch EndNote, see if you can open the Style Manager to access your list of Styles.

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Technical Sup Rep RS

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this is happen when your MS link to “endnoteweb” instead to local endnote

  1. open MS
  2. go to endnote tab
  3. application tab
  4. application dropdown lsit
  5. choose endnote instead of endnoteonline

 hope this will help