No output styles in output style manager

I don’t remember when this started (it hasn’t been a problem until now) but when I open the output style manager the only output style that comes up is the one I am using. All of the styles are in the styles folder in the program files/endnote/styles (no folders in style folder). I even downloaded the newest version of the output styles and copied them into the style folder to be sure. When I open the import filter manager all of the styles appear to be there. How can I fix this problem? I am using endnote x1. and windows vista Thanks in advance K

And where does the preference file say the styles folder is? 

Thanks very much. That solved it.

Caution!  If you elected to leave the preferences pointing at the the program folder location, you won’t be able to edit the styles.  The best option is to move the set of references you want to use (best to stay under 50 styles), to a user area (like My Documents/endnote/styles) and point your preferences there. Vista doesn’t allow write access to the program folders in contrast to XP.  In newer versions, Endnote will access styles in both the program folder location and the user defined styles folder, but I don’t think that is the case for X1. 

Dear all,

I have installed EndNote X4 with Word 2010 on my Mac. Today I installed the beta for CWYW. Everything seems to work except one thing. However I hard I try, i cannot make EndNote recognize the content in any of the styles, filter or connction folders. All get is the message “styles folder does not contain any styles (or filters or connections)”. I have changed the path in Endnote preferences several times, acutally I have even created new folders and tried to locate  them. I have downloaded new styles. Nothing seems to work. How do i solve this problem?