Customize toolbar in EN7 Mac

In all my Mac applications I customize the toolbars so as to have the tools that I most often need available without going to the menu bar. I also use small icons so that on a small screen I can minimize the space wasted in the  window tool bar.

The icons provided in EN7 are not for tools that I use often, and tools I use all the time (e.g. import) are not available. I am aware of the keyboard shortcuts, but when my hand is on the mouse my workflow is much better if I can click once on a nearby icon.

I am unable to customize the set of  icons in the toolbar using the usual method (right click or control click on the toolbar) that works in most of my other Mac applications. This is since I upgraded from X5 to X7.0. I was hoping to find it in the latest upgrade to 7.2. ENX7 still provides toolbar customization in the Styles Manager and the Filters Manager. I cannot comprehend why it was taken out of the main library window, where it was really useful.

In addition, the X7 toolbar takes up unnecessary space and reduces the number of references I am able to see at a glance, because of the large Thomson Reuters logo which does nothing. I paid for those pixels on the Mac retina screen so I’d like to use them!

So please in the next version allow me to customize this huge toolbar by

  1. adding the commands I use and
  2. reducing its height and reducing or removing the logo

Thank you

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