Customized "Unused 1" reference type does just work in Preview

Dear all,

I used the Unused 1 reference type as “Interview” and defined all fields.

Then i went into the template of my style and inserted all fields in the order needed:

Interviewer (Date). Interview with Interviewed person|. City (Country)|.

Then I created an example and displayed it in the preview tab:

Müller, P. (12.03.2011). Interview with Kim Larsen. Odense, Denmark.

So far so fine - when i now insert the reference into a Word document i just get the following:

Müller, P.

so everything else defined in the template and shown in the preview just disappeared - what am I missing?

Best regards, cay

You now need to ensure your newly edited style is used for the document in question.  Changing it in the Endnote Program is not enough, you also need to change the output style being used in the manuscript.  Without knowing the word processor and version, I can’t give you simple steps to do that, but it should be accessible from a “format bibliography” dialog. 

Are you trying to generate an in-text citation?  If so the “Citation” template is responsible for determining how the citation appears in the document. Looks like your Citation template currently lists just the Author field which is causing just the name to appear.

Well first of all thx for the feedbach, it is not about the in-text citation this one is right - but yes it seems that the bibliography just shows the authors name instead of all in the preview shown fields.

Thanks a lot - this was exactly the point i was missing in  “Format bibliography” the preselection was “annotated”.

Best regards, cay