Inserted field in Bibliography Templates is not displayed in reference

I am am creating a new output style to reflect what I need and I am pretty far. Just one thing does not work as I expect and I need help with that.

In the output style manager - Bibliography - Templates I added the field Part/Supplement to the Journal Article.

It is now like this:
Author. “Title.” Rev. of Reviewed Item. Journal Volume|.Issue|: Pages| (Year)|.Part/Supplement|.

In the Reference I have chosen the reference type “Journal Article” and wrote some text in the respective field “Part/Supplement”.
Although I think, this should work now, the entry from Part/Supplement is not displayed when I integrate the reference in word.

It´s the same problem with the new field “Type” in “Conference paper”:
Author. “Title.”| Conference Name|. Date|. Ed. Editors|. Place Published|: Publisher, Year|.Abstract, Type|.

What is the key?
Thank you in advance.
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Make sure that after you alter a bibliography template/style you

  1. save it to a NEW NAME (and that you don’t get any errors when you do so). If you save it to the same name, there are in essence, two copies of the template, one in the standard endnote default folder, and the other in your personal endnote updated styles folder. In this way, when endnote is updated, it doesn’t erase or overwrite you
  2. you change the manuscript endnote toolbar to use this newly named bibliography template.

Dear Leanne,
thank you for your answer. As I am completely new in this and my english is not so well, I need to ask to better understand.

I gave the style already a new name “MLA copy for customer”. Is that what you meant? Or do you mean to save a copy of the bibliography template “Journal article” that I want to change? If so, I couldn´t find an option to save that.

What is the manuscript toolbar? Could you explain this step to me a little bit more? Ideally with a description what to click after eachother so I could follow that, if that doesn´t mean too much effort for you. Thank you in advance.

Renaming the bibliography style to “MLA copy for customer” is exactly what I meant. Now in the Word program, you need to go to Word’s toolbars and select the Endnote menu and you should see the style selected there. It needs to be “MLA copy for customer”. If that isn’t available from the dropdown, then you need to “select another style” and it should appear in the longer list for you to choose. Then “update citations and bibliography” and it should apply your changes to the document. If that doesn’t work, then there is something going on with where you saved the new style, or that the changes didn’t save to the new style. Your customer will need to open the new style and save it as well (it should open in endnote and they save it from endnote), and make the same change in Word to apply that edited style to their document.

I wonder if you can attach your edited style? testing…
Cell.ens (12.7 KB)

Yes, it appears that this forum allows that, so if it still isn’t working, do that! It will be saved in your personal styles folder location on your hard drive in your home drive specified in your endnote preferences.

This was the key! Now it works. Thank you so much, leanne.
It´s so easy if you know how to do it :wink:

And sorry for answering late - so much to do…