Customizing "copy formatted"

I frequently use the copy formatted command to paste individual references into emails and other documents where I am not doing standard referencing (i.e., not a research paper).  I’d really like to include the URL for the given reference with the rest of the standard information that is included when using copy formatted.  Is there a way to customize the command so that the URL is appended to the end of the reference?

I am using version X6.0.1 with Windows 7.


Copy Formatted simply uses the settings of whatever output style is selected in EndNote. If you wish to see the URL, you can either edit the style you’re using in EndNote, or select one that includes the URL.

Thanks, this is helpful and makes sense.

Now, however, I’m having trouble editing a style to include the URL.  I’ve following the instructions in “Adding and Removing Fields in a Formatted Reference” in the on-screen help, but the URL doesn’t display.  I suspect I’m getting some minor detail wrong, but I can’t figure out how to trouble shoot this.

Hello, RJL:

What reference type do you need URLs to show for? Are you certain that they style you’ve edited is the one selected in the EndNote program before you use the Copy Formatted function?

If you’re still having trouble, please attach the style you’re attempting to edit to your reply.

I’m trying to copy formatted references for journal articles. I edited a style that I use regularly that includes URLs as one of the fields.

How do I attach a style?


When you reply to a post, there should be an attachments button below your editor window. Browse to and select your edited style, which is usually in your documents folder>EndNote>Styles.

Thanks for the guidance.

The style, “paste ref” is attached.

I am unable to attach the ens file.  I get an error message “The contents of the attachment doesn’t match its file type.” when I try.

Well, that’s a shame. I’ll check with our forum people to see how we can resolve that for future. In the meantime, please open a support case here:

You can refer to this thread for their information.

I apologize for the inconvenience!


I have been told by the moderator, Ryan, that there is a glitch with the providers of this forum (Lithium) - and currently it appears we are unable to attach .ens files, but we can ZIP it and attach the zip file… They are working on it!  See this thread.  

I zipped the file and tried again, but got this message:

Please correct the highlighted errors and try again. The file does not have a valid extension for an attachment. enz,ens,enf,xml,gif,jpg,jpeg,txt are the valid extensions.

Yep,  It appears that that is broken now too.  Let me try in the other forum topics… 

Nope, none of them will accept an .ens or a .zip.  Reporting again!  (p.s.  – a test back then DID work!)


It is fixed and the .zip files can be added to the Endnote forums again! 

They are still waiting for the fix so we can attach endnote specific files, including output styles ending in .ens. 

I ended up contacting EndNote tech support and got the problem solved.  I’m not sure what the problem was with my edits to the template.  I suspect that it was some detail I got wrong in the syntax.

Thanks for your efforts.

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I figured it was something like that, RJL. Working with styles is not difficult, but it is exacting. This allows for EndNote to be able to meet the needs of so many different styles.

I’m very glad to hear your issue is resolved. Have a great day!