editing copy formatted command

Hello. I am wondering how to alter the copy formatted command. I use it to paste citations into footnotes in a Word document but even though I think that I have a style chosen that is for footnotes (Chicago 15 A) it always pastes into my footnote as if it were a bibliography (i.e. last name first; periods instead of commas; etc.) Moreover, it pastes as “Normal” text, not as footnote text and I have to change the text style every time. Is there any way to tell the copy format command that I want it to act differently?


Are you copying from EndNote’s “Preview” window then pasting it into the MS Word document?  If so, the preview window displays the bibliographic format so that’s what will be pasted into MS Word. 

If you want to insert a footnote in MS Word, go to the Word toolbar, select the “References” tab, select “Insert Footnote”. Then click the “EndNote” tab in the MS Word toolbar to insert the citation which will appear in footnote form at the bottom of the document…

Thanks, but I must not have expressed myself clearly. I know how to make footnotes in Word and even how to insert citations from Endnote, but have found that there’s always something that needs changing and I don’t like the fact that I can’t edit the citation (or better, I read that I can but that I lose it somewhere along the way). I hesitate to edit the style although I have taken all the periods out, as they are easy enough to add. My problem is that the copy format command only formats the bibliography style, not the style needed for footnotes or endnotes. And from my reading of the manual, it appears that that is precisely what it is intended for, to make bibliographies quickly. So I want to know if there is a way to edit what that command does because yes, I see in the preview windowpane that what it is creating is a bibliographical reference for a bibliography, not for a footnote.

I imagine that one might advise me to use the insert citation command instead (because that is what it is intended for) but it seems that it is constantly producing a citation that needs editing on my part and I am worried about editing the text and then losing it the next time a citation is inserted. I realize I have wandered from my original query but thanks to anyone who bothers to respond.

To copy formated, you are correct.  It only copies from the bibliography template.  To achieve what you want, and bypass the automated insertion of footnotes, you would want to copy the footnote templates into their corresponding bibliography template ain the output style, nd save that as a new style.  When this style is selected in the Endnote program, you could copy formated (^K) and paste it into the footnote.  

Thanks, Leanne. I see what you mean, but In the meantime, I figured out another workaround solution which is to insert the citation as the programmers intended, and then copy it and paste it into the same place and delete the “automatic” citation. That way, I can edit the note as I want without it changing back but I get the benefit of having the citation appear in its proper form. Thanks again!