CWYW easily adding multiple references

I would like to suggest an easy and quick way of adding multiple references under “Find & Insert My References” in word document. Instead a user needs to add a citation one by one. The solution with going to EndNote library and choosing multiple references is too convoluted.

I was a user of Zotero and that is a lot easier in that program.

How did Zotero do it? I find that if I do a more targeted search, I can select more than one with the ctrl key depressed (or maybe the shift key?) - or I add them one by one, with no spaces between them and endnote combines them for me.

In Zotero, when you are in panel with adding citations (similar to “Find & Insert My References”), you can add one and then insert semicolon and search for the next desired citation. I think that is a lot easier than adding them one by one. I also tend to do searches by surname and not a topic, so targeted searches would rarely work for me. But thank you for this suggestion, I will try it!

This Zotero panel I mentioned, also allows you to later remove a desired citation. So, it is combined functionality between “Find & Insert My References” and “Edit & Manage Citation(s)”. Though it is specific for a string of citations and does not incorporate as much editing as “Edit & Manage Citation(s)” (though I doubt I will use those functionalities in EndNote). This results in being able to use one shortcut to activate the panel and jumping between references, removing the desired one. So, ultimately it results in fewer or no clicking compared to EndNote. Then, Zotero was also very buggy, crashing Word, so that is why I decided to try EndNote.