multiple references & abstracts showing up in bibliography

Hi there, I hope someone can help me out with this:

  • I am looking for the easiest way to import multiple references into one bracket. At the moment, I use alt+7 to search for one reference, and then click insert, and then highlight that reference in word and click alt+6, then click again on the relevant menu to add other references. Is there an easier way of doing it? I know you can highlight more than one reference by clicking ctrl, but since the references usually have different surnames I can’t find a way of making them appear in the search window at the same time.

  • the whole abstract often gets imported into my bibliography at the end of the document. I’ve now ‘solved’ the problem by deleting the abstracts from my EndNote library, but I’d prefer to find a different solution since it’s much more convenient to search my literature when the abstracts are there. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance.

When I want to insert multiple references at a single point in the document I usually click the “Go to EndNote” button and use control/click to select the ones I want.

The problem of getting abstracts printing in the bibliography is caused by the style you’re using. You can either change to a different one (it’s likely you’re using Annotated so you could try changing to Harvard, for example). Alternatively, you can edit the style in EndNote and delete the command to include the abstract. Edit > Output Style > Edit “yourstyle” is the command to open a style for modifications.

Alternatively just making sure there are no spaces between the inserted citations should  be enough, but if word has “smart” cut and paste on, it often inserts a space automatically.  You can turn this off - or work with CWYW off or unformat the document, so it is easy to remove the space, replacing  }<space>{ with }{.

Thanks, changing the output style fixed the abstract issue. 

Regarding multiple references, I guess it just has to be imported in several turns? Because I can’t find a way to search for multiple references and highlighted them in one go without importing in between (unless both references happen to show up in the same search). 

One trick to collecting multiple refs to insert, is to create a “reusable group” and drag them to the group, then select the group and all the refs and insert them all into the document at once.  then delete them from the group before selecting the next set.