CWYW easily removing a reference

I would like to suggest an easy way of quickly removing a reference in word document. Instead a user needs to scroll and click several times in Edit & Manage Citations section. The removal button is small and requires two clicks, which results in too convoluted system.

I was a user of Zotero and that is a lot easier in that program.

so this is from a combined citation? you can just select the group of in text citations, convert to unformatted citation on the endnote ribbon bar (not to plain text, but to the temporary citation) and then the citation and delete the citation and “update citations and bibliography”. I find that easiest. If it a stand alone citation, just delete the text and endnote will update it (if instant formatting is on) the next time you insert something, or you can update from the ribbon immediately and it will remove it (if only time cited) from the bibliography.

This is really useful! I think it is still quite convoluted, but I am happy to know this other option. Thank you very much!