CWYW Problems - parentheses, missing refereces from list and souble reference numbers )-:

I have recently started using this bloody EndNoteX2 program for a new version of a paper I am rewriting. I rewrote the file from zero and inserted properly all my reference. I think I was fine until I got the the m&m’s and results part where I started using parentheses for normal text. Then the cite and write started looking up reference for these and I told it to ignore them. Now I see that my reference list is missing many references there are actually in the text, and that it gave the same reference number for more than one record! I have no idea how to fix this and am not sure how to continue with the document )-: I need to add more references but I am not sure what to do with the missing ones. You see I got as far as 31 in the introduction and now I realize that a new record I am adding gets number 21! HELP!

You need to read at least the “getting started” manual (installed in the endnote program folder on your machine or on the installation disk) or sit thru a short tutoral or sign up for a webinar from the developers, and get to grips with the program.   see

You must have made some preferences changes to use regular parentheses rather than curley brackets for endnote inserted references?  don’t do that!  the style will convert them to the correct parenthesis when formating.

What style are you using and where do you intend to submit it?