How can I find a reference that isn't cited correctly and is only cited once in the text with other references?

EndNote community,

I am new to EndNote so forgive me if my question seems silly. I am using EndNote X7 on a macbook pro with El Capitan v. 10.11.6. The problem I am having is that some of my references are not formatting correctly. Normally, that would be okay (several of my EndNote imports don’t import correctly due to the references being obscure/old), however, reference 81 (as shown in the first image) only has a period (.) so I have no idea what it is. So, I talked to a few EndNote users and they suggested that I go to where the references is cited in the paper and I open the Edit & Manage Citations dialog box, which I have as shown in the images (along with where the reference occurs with other references). The issue here is that when I open and look at the selection of references with 81 in it (81 is only cited once in my document with other references) none of the references are in the order that they are cited as. So, how can I figure out which reference 81 is since I have no other information other than that it is cited with this grouping of references?

I would really like to avoid having to delete the references one by one to figure this out. That seems silly and I’m sure there’s an easier way to do this… right?

-A confused EndNote user (425 KB)

This is a stream of counciousness post reply and I am just thinking how I might approach the problem you pose.

First – what output style are you using?  Has it been edited to remove the “generic” template in the bibliography section and is this citation possibly a reference type that is unusual, and therefore isn’t included in your bibliography output style template. Using a different style which includes more templates (like APA 6th, or Harvard) might ‘reveal’ the missing one.

Or just try “Numbered” out of the box.  Does it work to reveal the identity of the missing bibliography listing?   

Finally, it is likely to be one of the citations listed as ‘1’  – under that list, unless it is used again in your manuscript?  So again open them (using the edit reference) and check the reference type of each.