How to type text in a document using parentheses that is not a reference.


When I type in Microsoft Word for Mac (2008) while using cite as you write, I can’t figure out how to write content in parentheses that is not intended to be a reference (like how I am writing within these parentheses right now). If I do type some content in parentheses then Endnote thinks it is intended to be a reference and the “Endnote X4 Select Matching Reference” box pops up. I find this fairly annoying as I lose my cursor location in the text and have to click on “Ignore All”. To enter a reference I usually just use the search button on the cite as you write toolbar in word and select the reference desired.

Any ideas on how to enter text in parentheses without this annoyance?

I am using endnote X4 student edition.


It sounds like you have either in your preferences (in Endnote program, Edit>Preferences> Temporary citations) or in the format paper/bibliography dialog (in Word, format bibliography, or the equivalent in Word 2008), have changed the temporary citation delimiters to regular parentheses, rather than the curly brackets that are usually the default.  Check both and change them either or both back to {}. 

Thanks for the help. You were right. In Endnote the automatic citations were set to (). However, not sure why that was the case. I had never changed the defaults. Anyway, problem solved.