How to import references using my home made reference type by default?


I couldn’t find the answar myself, maybe someone in here are able to help :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get Endnote to import my references formated in my personal reference type?

Eg. when importing a reference from ScienceDirect, EndNote, by default, uses “Journal Article”. I want it to use my home made reference type for journal articles? Same for books? 

Now I have to edit the reference type afterwords, manually.


You could:

  1. (Make a backup copy of your library before proceeding.) Select all the downloaded references (within the Endnote library window) then use Endnote’s “Find and Replace” function to find the Journal Article reference types and replace them with [the name of your modified reference type template]. (Refer to image #1.) [Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Find and Replace.]

  2. Or, change the default reference type in the import filter corresponding to the database you’re downloading from to use your modified reference type template. (Refer to image #2.) [Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Import Filters >Edit name of the import filter.]
    image #1_Find and Replace.gif
    image #2_Change default reference type.gif


Many thanks.

No.1 works fine. Good solution.


I don’t think I undertand how to do it.

I have downloaded the filter “sciencedirect” from Chaged the reference type to my own.

See images 1, 2, 3.

It still imports in “Journal article” reference type.

Have I missed some steps?

There are two science direct import filters in the folder: the original and your modified version. Are you sure Endnote is using your modified file during the import process? If you are doing a manual import (File >Import > File Name) the import filter selected should be your modified version. If you are doing a direct export from Science Direct into Endnote then the program might be defaulting to the original import filter file instead of using your modified file. To test this, first remove the original import filter from the folder then rename your modified file by removing the “(1)” from the file name. Perform the import and see what happens.

If the your (renamed) import filter still imports records as journal articles then both methods import records as journal articles.  This may suggest an underlying problem/bug in which case you should notify tech support:

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