Desktop library not an option in CWUW plug in (word 2013)

Dear wizards of the community

I’ve had to delete the word plug-in for cite while you write and had to re-install. I have the latest X7. version, and am using word 2013. When reinstalling the plug-in, the design is different from what it was before, and the “preference” settings will only allow me to use the online library, but I need to use my desktop library. How can I make this work again?

Any help would be very much appreciated. 


I should perhaps also mention that the reason I had to uninstall the plug-in previously was because my library (stored in dropbox, desktop version) kept on having to be repaired. 

First view and manage add ins from Word 2013 (PC, File, Options, Add-ins, the active add-in is likely to be EndNote Online Cwyw.dotm and you want to activate Endnote Cwyw.dotm)  see also and the link to “if never seen them before” if these instructions don’t work.  

If you installed the latest version of the EndNote online Cite While You Write tools, you would not have the option to swap them for the X7 tools. You can run the Configure EndNote utility to install the EndNote X7 tools as outlined here:

If you are still seeing an EndNote tab instead of an EndNote X7 tab, you can try swapping the tools again: