cwyw endnote and word 2010

I upgraded to endnote X4 because it was supposed to be compatible with word 2010 and I seem to be coming up against a weird problem.   Its not making endnote (the desktop version) the default library, the tab it installed is endnote web.   While I have endnote web its rather inconvenient for me to worry about internet connections when I have the program and the citations on my laptop.  Is there a way to force it to be the default as when I go to the configure endnote method the box is grayed out? 

Thank you,

A desperate graduate student who is trying to finish a paper! 


It sounds like you might just need to install EndNote’s Cite While You Write tools. The FAQs here: and here: tell you how to do it. 

I had to do the “repair” function described in the second one after installing the EndNote Web add-in for Word. The add in made it so that I could not switch the EndNote application in Cite While You Write. 

Hello - Typically the default application for Cite While You Write is the last application installed so it can be either. Since we support the option to work with both, there is a way to switch without reinstalling or repairing. In Word, go to the Cite While You Write Preferences, click the Application tab, and switch to EndNote.

Mathilda, the EndNote team