Different author formats in a single document

Hi, my organization has put out guidance that is unique to me and I don’t know how to approach the problem with Endnote. The new standard is if you have a middle initial, you write it in the LN, FI.MI. format (Smith, A.B.) but if you don’t have a middle initial, you spell out the complete first name (Smith, Anthony). 

I looked through the simple output settings and I don’t see this as an option. Is there a way to make Endnote accomodate this? 

The format for treating authors with/without middle names seems unusual - did you reconfirm this is what;s required?

Continuing, however, on the assumption you are required to list last name + first name for authors lacking middle names, and last name + first-and-middle name initials for authors with middle names, currently there is no setting in EndNote to automatically format in-text citations based on the two conditions.

A possible workaround based on your examples (which do not include multiple authors so it’s unknown how you intend to treat those, notably from the 2nd author forward) is to: 1) manually adjust the names in the Author field so (a) authors lacking middle names are changed to last name + first name order, and (b) authors with middle names are changed to last name + first-and-middle-name-initials order; and 2) adjusting the “first Author”, “Other authors”, and “Initials” settings in the Author Names section (under Citations) of the output style file  [refer to attached image for the settings and resulting sample output].

Ahh… that would be an approach. It would be terribly tedious but at least it would be possible. I will confirm and hope to the Endnote gods that someone misread the requirement. Thanks for the help!

I would certainly ask the body that defined these instructions to explain why they would require such a thing!?