Endnote X8 not correctly detecting middle authors in APA

Hi there, 

Currently writing my thesis and have encountered two problems with the in-text citations in the APA format.

I can’t quite pinpoint the issue, but when I cite the same first author but with papers from different years, it starts listing a bunch of the middle authors as well. It also, relatedly, has a problem with not detecting all the middle authors as separate and thereby inserting their names as the first authors initials.

  1. I’ve tried a few searches and not found anything too similar, all ideas welcome!

Make sure the authors in your records are listed one per line 

Surname, Firstname Middlename

Surname2, F. M. 


Make sure if initials are only entered, they have a space between them.  

If this doesn’t fix both problems, let us know.  

You will want to make certain that all author names are consistently entered into your EndNote library, including spacing and punctuation. For example, if you have entered

Smith, J

as an author in one record, you need to make sure every other instance of that author’s name in that library is identically formatted. Please note that a difference as small as one space may cause EndNote to believe it is dealing with two separate authors and add the initials.

You can also simply prevent any initials for showing in the body of the document by using the following steps: