Endnote not changing middle name to an initial

I have endnote set to display author as Smith, A., B. only it is not chaning middle names to an initial like it does with first names. The entered reference will be Smith, Aron, Benjamin but this then shows up as Smith, A., Benjamin in the footnotes. I want to keep the full middle names in the notes  because lots of them are Russian patronymics rather than middle names and so I need to know what the patronymic name is refer to the whole name when writing it in the text as this is the norm. Anyone know how to make it change middle names to initials in footnotes and bibliography?

seems to have an extra comma in there?  it should be entered in endnote as

Smith, Albert Benjamin 

with no comma between Albert and Benjamin

Are you sure there is no added punctuation or maybe even spaces in the name?  What version of Endnote are you using on what platform, and what output style.