Different references formatted as repeated


I’m running Endnote X7.

Some of my references have the same author, title and reference type, and differs only by their volume number (eg. {Pfister, 1970 #12345} is Pfister, Theory of Drama, vol. 1 (“Theory”), Oxford, University Press, 1970 and {Pfister, 1970 #12346} is Pfister, Theory of Drama, vol. 2 (“Practice”), Oxford, University Press, 1970

My problem is that those two references are formatted as if they were the same. So, if I have a first footnote with the first reference, and a second with the second reference, the first one appears fine (“Pfister, Theory of Drama, vol. 1 (“Theory”), Oxford, University Press, 1970”), but the second one appears

– with the short format, as if it was the first reference (“Theory of Drama, vol. 1, op. cit.”)

– if it is a consecutive citation, as ibid.

I would like to get the whole reference, as I haven’t quoted it already (“Pfister, Theory of Drama, vol. 2 (“Practice”), Oxford, University Press, 1970”)

It’s only a problem in the footnote template : bibliography is OK.

Is there a way to get around this without deactivating the short format and the specific treatment of consecutive citations (which I need in other cases) ?

I tried to check or uncheck all the fields in Preferences>Duplicates, but without success…

Whatever I do with my style settings (Footnotes>Repeated Citations), I cannot manage to show the right volume number for the second reference.

Thanks a lot for your help !

what if you turn off the duplicate check in preferences?  – It is documented that the duplicate setting in preferences don’t affect merging duplicates in the bibliography.  I am not sure this will fix the footnote bug either though.  

see image attached for the setting to try.  

Yes !!! It works, thank you so much for your help !