Endnote started duplicating my references.


I have been using CWYW with Endnote web for Office for mac 2004. All was jolly and good. Until yesterday. All of a sudden all my references get duplicated, triplicated, etc. in the bibliography and I have tried unformatting/reformatting citations, rebooting computer, re-installing CWYW and nothing helps.

If I start citing [1], [2] and so on, it’s fine, but if I have to repeat the first one, before it used to put [1] again and the bibliography would not have any repeated entries.

Now it goes [1][2] and [3]  and in the bilbiography [1] and [3] are exactly the same (see pic). Any help welcome, my thesis is due in a week!!!


Ana :-) 


Try unformatting - (and look to make sure 1 and the second use of 1 are exactly the same).  Delete the bibliography (very important).  Close everything.  Now open it and try to reformat.  I don’t use Endnote web, but this SHOULD work. 

Thanks for the info, unfortunately, that did not work. It still thinks a repeated reference is a new one. I have no duplicated references in my library. My other documents look fine until I add a new reference, then it changes all the references and stops recognizing when I use the same one.

Is there anything else I could do??



Is it style associated?  If you reformat with a different style, do you still get duplicates?

I’m very sorry, we were hoping to have an announcement about this issue within the product itself before the weekend.  At any rate, this problem is due to an issue on the server itself, and is something that we expect to be corrected on the server soon, hopefully by the end of the week.  Once the problem is resolved on the server end, all you will need to do is reformat the document, and your duplicate references will show properly.  So, if your paper is not due right now, likely you don’t need to do anything at the moment, and the problem will resolve itself.  If you need to get the paper out in the meantime, we’ve got three workarounds: 

First, you can use the full version of EndNote, which will format the document properly. 


Second, if you don’t have the full version and don’t want to get the free demo of EndNote, anybody who does have the full version should be able to format it for you.  They would simply take your formatted document with the duplicate references present and reformat with the full version of EndNote using the same style.  This can be a colleague, or the tech support folks who support EndNote/EndNote Web, who would be happy to do this for you.


Third, you can unformat the citations, save the document as an RTF document, and use EndNote Web’s ‘Format Paper’ function, making sure to select the Format Paper Preferences link to check the ‘Merge duplicates in bibliography’ option.

Thank you for that. I shall be waiting for the fix. My thesis is not due until 2 weeks time so it should be ok.