Direct export from databases to EndNote Web

It’s probably worth highlighting the fact that the new EndNote Web plugins for Internet Explorer and Firefox provide direct export from databases to EndNote. This is a development that we have been eagerly awaiting.

In Firefox, it’s a bit fiddly finding the add-on option that you have to use to switch between direct export to EndNote or EndNote Web. After that, I find it works very well.

In Internet Explorer, the plugin introduces a new step for direct export, so that you are always asked which product you are exporting to: EndNote or EndNote Web. Some users would find this extra step annoying. I haven’t found any way of setting a preference to avoid this extra step.

The new plugins also have an improved Capture function for capturing individual references off the screen. In Firefox, I find that this works very well with Pubmed and the CSA Illumina databases. As CSA does not provide direct export to EndNote, this is significant. It also works pretty well with Ovid. I haven’t had much luck with other databases.

I can’t get the Capture function to work at all with the Internet Explorer plugin.

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Further to my previous posting…

I was having problems with the screen capture function in Internet Explorer because I had closed Internet Explorer while installing the plugin. Despite the standard instruction on the Installation Wizard about closing all Windows programs, you must keep EndNote Web open during installation of the plugin.

Now that the Capture function is active, I find that it works very well with Pubmed and the CSA Illumina databases. I haven’t had any success with other databases.