Direct export from databases not working in X7

We just installed EndNote X7 on my coworker’s computer, and she hadn’t used it until today, when I tried to show her how to export references directly from PubMed and Google Scholar.  Direct export didn’t work (we use Internet Explorer).  Got the pop-up asking whether to open or save, but neither of those options actually let us export the reference–and I thought that pop-up was banished forever once we got X7.  None of the rest of us in my office who have recently upgraded to X7 have had this happen.  Ideas about how to fix it?  Thanks!

1. In PubMed when you click the Send To button did you select “Citation Manager”? (BTW EndNote has a PubMed  NLM connection file which enables direct access, search, and download PubMed references via EndNote’s software interface.)


2. In Google Scholar did you first change the preference settings of the Bibliography Manager to a) show import citation links, and b) specify EndNote?


Refer to these training videos for demos:


Direct Export from PubMed

Direct Export from Google Scholar



Thanks for the reply.  Yes, for PubMed, I selected Citation Manager, and for Google, changed the settings.  It works on my machine, and on every other computer on which we’ve installed X7, so far.  For some reason, it’s just not working on this one computer.

Is the computer on a network requiring administrator permission for direct downloads? Is the antivirus or firewall preventing direct downloads?

If problem persists, suggest you call or email tech support: