Disappearing Bibliography! Please help ASAP!

I was just about finished adding in refs into a word 2003 document, when I scrolled to the bottom and realized my bibliography had disappeared! I went to format it, double checking the instant formatting was turned on and everything was ok, and when I hit OK, an error box came up saying that the “range cannot be deleted”. I have no idea what this means, and can’t get my bibliography back. All of my refs have been inserted into the document w/o any problem, but when I got to my last 2 references, they remained in the { author #} form- and there’s no bibliography. I am using Endnote X1. Please help! I need to solve this problem ASAP as a proposal is due immediately!


Sounds like working on 2/5 (NIH) deadline?

I just stopped by, and sorry, can’t help you (just as crazy).

Really sypathize, but maybe somebody else can help you…?? Don’t know it’s weekend.

Really, realy encourage you to call Endnote Tech Support first thing in the Monday morning.

Is that too late for your institutional approval??

check you private msg