Endnote deleting my references

Hi.  I have a large endnote library with ~ 200 references and have been writing a large document.  I had 185 references in the bibliography, added a few new references, and whenever endnote updates the citations and biblography, i lose a large chunk of my citations in the bibligraphy (for example after adding 1 new refrence in the middle of the document I now had 115 references instead of 186 as there should be).  If I hover over the citations that are missing in the bibliography, i still see a little pop-up with the correct author information, but they are no longer included in the bibligraphy, and are no longer correctly numbered.

I am using EndNote X4 and word 2003 on XP.

Ive tried unformatting the citations, using "cntl-6 to delete “bad” code and then paste into a new document, but this doesn’t help.  Even if i take my file with 185 ref and change the formatting of the citations/bibliography, i lose some references.

Please help!

thanks for your time!

Which mode are you running Endnote in? 

Are they in your library?  Are you inserting the refs from your library or trying to insert them from the online search window somehow.  You shouldn’t be able to, but I have found that some of my colleages somehow circumvent the blocks that are in place to prevent that sort of thing. 

When you unformat what do the {Author, Year #} say?  Are the numbers that appear after the # always very small?  (which might indicate you are somehow entering them from your “online” mode refs).