Display Ibid and page

I would like to know how to perform the following action.
I want that, when I use a quote from the same author with the same information and only the page that changes, it should mark me: ibid p. 18 (so, ibid and only the page).
How do you do that?
Thank you. Thank you.

(I would like to point out that when I use the Ibid via the short form, it works pretty well but it always writes the same page as the first reference…)

Does anyone have any ideas to help me?

Thank you. Thank you.

What output style are you using now?  You would start there and check its footnote settings.  

For example under the “repeated citations” of Chicago 16th footnote, the settings are as in the attached image.  In your example, you might not required the “volume” part so would just have 

Ibid. p.^pp. Cited Pages|  (the p^pp should be applied if it is one page (p.) or multiple pages (pp.)  You would added the cited pages thru the edit citation (in the footnote) and add them to the pages fields or you could instead add them with the spacing and info you wanted in the suffix field :

<inserted space> p. 100

This obviously only applies if the two footnotes directly follow one another, otherwise the short form with more information would be required and this is handled in the footnote templates themselves.  

As an alternative (after ensuring you have the ibid handling in repeated citations footnote template option as above), I sometimes find it easiest to just type the page number info as text directly into the footnote after the inserted footnote citation, but it really depends on what is in the original citation and how that is formated.  So it could be an inserted footnote citation from endnote (which would appear as Ibid (if you haven’t edited and inserted the cited pages in the edited endnote dialog) and you type , p. 100 

Sorry if that is confusing with 3 different options!