How to insert ibid if author repeated in in-text citations?


I’m having trouble with in-text citations. I would like Endnote to write ibid. instead of the author’s name if the name is being repeated immediately afterwards (like it does with footnotes). How can I make Endnote recognize this? Does it depend on the output style?

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I don’t believe that EndNote has this feature.  As far as I know ibid is only used in footnotes and not in bibliographys. 

at least that is what Yahoo answers says!

Thank you very much for your answer.  But in my case I didn’t want to use it in the bibliography but within the text.

For example an in-text citation:

“He said this” (Doe 2008: 21). Some text to fill the space. But on the other hand, “[…] he said that” (ibid.: 22).

In the bibliography it would then use the full set of information, e.g.:

Doe, John (2008): Why it is This and That. Doetown: John’s University Press.

The problem is, that until now Endnote would do it this way:

“He said this” (Doe 2008: 21). Some text to fill the space. But on the other hand, “[…] he said that” (Doe 2008: 22). 

Is there a way to have Endnote recognize this? With footnotes it does.

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Work around: If you edit citation for the second one, removing author and year (with the check boxes) and type ibid in the prefix… in fact type ibid:22 in the prefix, it gives you the result you want.  but no, it can’t do it automatically and even worse, if you should, at somepoint, insert another reference between the two, it wouldn’t undo it automatically.

If the programmers are looking at this: please implement this feature in the next Endnote version.

It is a pretty common practise/requirement in my field (human sciences) to use ibid. in-text, and the absence of a way to do this in Endnote (apart from manually, which pretty much defeats the purpose of using a reference management software in the first place) makes Endnote all but useless for researchers like me.

It’s an annoyance as I’ve used Endnote for a while now but the discovery of the absence of this feature makes me have to switch to another software, with the bother of having to migrate/recreate my whole (extensive) library there.


has this feature been implemented in the new endnote version? 

I agree that it is actually quiet a common requirement to use “ibid.” in in-text citations.

Is there a way to do this automatically?



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