Display relevant fields for citation format setting

When manually entering a citation, the reference type provides many fields which will not be displayed for various bibliographic output styles. Every school I know adopts a single bibliographic output styles throughout its courses, therefore students will rarely switch between styles. 

Suggestion: depending on the bibliographic output styles selected, within the reference options, a filter should be added to only display relevant fields for that output style. This will avoid wasted time searching for information to enter into a field that will never be used for that style. 

v. X7

Any ref type can be edited to remove the fields that are not utilized.  Then only those with names will be displayed.  They try to include all possible options for various fields of study.  Humanities often have the potential to use many more fields (translators, republication dates, etc).  

But users can adapt endnote to their own needs, which is why it is so powerful (and so complicated!)