"Journal" field missing from "Insert Field" in custom output style

As the title says, I just cannot find that field. Could someone please help?

Thank you!

As a workaround did you try manually typing in the field name?  The missiing field might just be a cosmetic bug.  Also you didn’t mention what version of EndNote you’re running but did you update the software with any appropriate patches?

I tried typed in “Journal” but the output will just be the word “Journal”. I’m using EndNote X6.

Just to clarify:  What field are you using in the reference template?  Is it the “Journal” field (see image) or did you modify a Custom field?  If the former, typing Journal (as shown in the Journal Article style template of the attached image) should work but if the latter (using a Custom field) you’ll need to enter the name of the Custom field (e.g., Custom 1, Custom 2).

Can you attached the output style?

Let’s first distinguish between customized output styles and  reference types.  An output style is for the bibliography and citations.  If you want to create a new or modify a kind of reference type, and incorporate that into the output style, you can do so, but the field name is then dictated by the reference type field names. 

I attach two snipped images of the ref type for Journal and for partially completed custom ref type.  In the journal article ref type, the “Secondary Title” field has been designated at the “Journal”" but if you looked at the ref type “Electronic Book Section” the same field is called “Book Title”,   (You create or edit ref types from the Edit>preferences, ref types, modify, etc). 

Now, when you edit your Output style of choice (Edit> Output style> edit “selected output style name”) and add a new template to the bibliography templates (from the ref type dropdown - your newly created or the edited ref type should appear in this list.  If not ticked, click onit, and an empty template will be added),   I started to create a new custom ref type from Unused 1 in the 2rd attachment.  I typed in the yellow text, but you can completely rename the Generic field to anything you want.  What ever you name it though, you should create a corresponding template in the output style bibliography to generate the bibliographic (or footnote template for a footnote) listing.  In that template, for this example, you would add the template for “Unused 1 (can rename anything else)” which will now be available from the drop down.  – then you can insert the field “must call something (like Journal)” from the dropdown.  If you copied the Generic template into the new Unused 1 … Template, it would convert the generic "secondary Title field name to the “must call …” field name.  When you  add the “unused” or customized template to the bibliography section, the upper right hand will have the field name you designated in the ref type available to insert. 

Hard to illustrate as I can’t figure out a way to screen capture the drop-downs!