Dividing bibliography in parts?


I would like to divide my bibliographies depending on the sources, e.g. legal sources in one section and scientific articles in one. Is that possible? I didn’t find any previous discussions on this topic.

The Subject Bibliography tool (Tools->Subject Bibliography) can be used for this purpose. If you need to divide the list in sections that are not distinguishable already (i.e., reference type), then you’ll have to setup some sort of field and labeling.

Good luck.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

I’m not sure what you are trying to get?  Are they cited in the same way in the text?  I sometimes will footnote the legal type of refs (by ctl K, paste into a footnote, so they aren’t really linked) and cite science more conventionally.  But then the legal ones don’t show up in the bibliography at all. 

One idea might be to edit the style to first  sort on a custom field in the record that distinguishes your two groups, and the bibliography that would then split the legal and the science references before sorting on the Author, Year.  But how do you ensure your “reader” knows where to then look for the reference?   

Thanks for your answer. In the text the references look slightly different with science referenes (Author year) and legal references (Proposition 2002:187)

It’s really important to us that all references, legal as well, are in the bibliography. But, I would like to have it like:

Legal sources

 Proposition 2002:187

Scientific articles

Author year title

I don’t really see why that would make it difficult for the reader?

Thanks, that seems to solve it.

No, if the legal ones don’t have Authors, then it is pretty obvious they could be in a separate section.  Which solution worked for you? 

I’m interested in whether you found a way to do this using any of the Endnote sort functions. I also need to do this, but my bibliography categorioes don’t correspond entirely to the reference types, so I need to sort them differently. Last time I ended up producing the bibliography, then turning it into a plain Word document and sorting into these categories manually. I also tried assigning them to groups within the Endnote Library, producing a bibliography for each group, then combining them in one Word document. This is OK if you know you have everything in one of your relevant groups, but you need to do that as you go so you don’t miss anything. I’m still looking for a better way…

This FAQ I found through another forum has all the answers!