Subject Bibliography using Groups

I’ve got my reference library separated into several groups and would like to produce a subject bibliography divided into the group headings.  However, from what I’ve seen you can only use fields as the basis for dividing the references up.  Is there an easy way to make it do it for groups without having to copy each group manually?

I don´t think it is possible to generate a subject bibliography using groups. However, it would be a great tool! Also it should be possible to show the group entry for each reference in the reference list.

When groups were added I thought this was ‘the’ reason why they were, with other additional benefits.  Any other ideas?

I guess group function was introduced to manage large database entries since version X1. To me it was a big hit, because I have more than 6000 database entries (and ever growing) in my main library. I would say this is a relatively new function in Endnote, and they are still working to improve. I occasionally post some suggestions to improve usability of this function, such as tree viewing of groups, and search function for group. They (Thomson Reuters) posted here, they are planning to implement search function for group. So, they listen if the suggestion hit something very common ground or very useful.

To view how each reference belongs to groups, right-click menu and “Record summary” will tell that information.

but sometimes I would like to know if all my references are assigned to groups - and if not which one are not…

Yes, I know. Take a look at this thread.

We probably need to wait for a while, though.

I am still not so good at utilizing the groups.  I use my key words. 

 Sooo, until the utility arrives----  

I guess I would suggest adding the Group name to the keyword or better yet an empty field list (you can do this globally for showing references, so select a group and then edit the keywords).  Now after doing that for all your groups- search for the records where that field is empty!

Now use that field to generate your subject lists?

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Actually, if you select all the references that belong to certain group (like Cell Cycle), then use ctrl+K to generate bibliography list of “Cell Cycle”. Is that what you call “Subject bibliography”?