Separate bibliography by reference type


I need to divide my bibliography in three separate sections - one for books and journals, another for interviews and another for archival sources. I have been into the output style editor and seen that you can sort the bibliography. However, I can’t figure out how to tell endnote to separate my bibliography by reference type other than sorting a-z by reference type which is different.

Any help would be appreciated!



Have you consulted this thread?

You could standardize your “types” (Books and Journals, Interviews, Archival Materials)  and then assign one of the three type terms  to each of your records.  I would use the “Label” field for this. Then you have a couple of options:

(1) You have already discovered the ability to sort the references in your bibliography. Use your output style to sort the bibliography by the :Label" field first, followed by whatever order is called for by your style. When you are ready to submit your paper, create a copy of the document and remove Endnote field codes.  Then insert headings (Books and Journals, Interviews, Archival Materials) in the bibliography.


(2) Create a new style with a blank Bibliography. Endnote XX creates a group within the Endnote Library associated with the manuscript. When you are ready to submit your finalized paper, use Tools > “Subject Bibliography” to create a bibliography sorted by the Label field terms from that paper’s group. Copy and paste this bibliography into your paper.


Thanks - that’s very helpful - I had no idea about the subject bibliography!