file path in file attachment field

Once a PDF file is attached (as a link in my case from a local HD) is there a way to discover within endnote what is the file path of the attachment?

This seems to me important, since in some cases the attachment link gives error, and one wants to know what is the recorded file path in endnote.

It would be also helpful to able to search certain records, according with some file paths in the attachment, so that one could show only the records that have attachments under a specific folder.


Because I do not know your exact version of EndNote it is not possible to give you precise instructions; but in general if you select the “Show All Fields” style as your default style in EndNote, you can use the preview window to see the path for the file attachments.

In EndNote click on Edit > Output styles > Open Style Manager. Look for “Show All Fields.” (In some older versions it is called “Show All.”)

Put a check in front of the style and close the Style Manager window.

Next click on Edit > Output Styles and click on Show All Fields. This will set the Show All Fields style as the default style in EndNote.

Now if you click on any record in your library the preview window will show you all the information about the selected record, including the path to the file attachment.

Thanks Henry for the feedback. I got it, and tested even with X4 version.

A quirck that I guess it is still present in X7 is the following.

If the attached link contains spaces, then the preview shows the link clicklable just up to the first space.  Example:

file://C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Documents\File_test.pdf

becomes a clickable link just with:


and obviously does not work.