doi/ISBN scan to retrieve information of multiple PDF files simultaneously

Dear developers,

As a faithful user of EndNote I’m happy with the addition of tags in X1 version and the ability to connect to libraries like PubMed to retrieve article information and URL from previous versions.

One of the big problems you encounter as a researcher is that after a while you have collected many many many PDF files (scientific articles) which have arbitrary names and cover the subject of your interest. To collect all this valuable data in one big database (in EndNote) you have to open each file separately and connect to a library (like PubMed) and search the article to retrieve the information, and after importing the reference to your database you can drag and drop the PDF to the relevant reference (from X version). This is very painful and time consuming job to do if you have collected a lot of PDF’s about the subject of your research.

It would be a revolutionary function, if EndNote had a so called doi/ISBN/PII scan which could import a map full of PDF’s and retrieve the matching article information from prior selected library.
(PDF Explorer has a doi/ISBN sniffer, this function however doesn’t import any article information but just opens a browser window in which the retrieved article URL is opened and you still have to add all the information like title, authors, pub. year, journal, volume, page etc yourself, which makes it an useless function)