Download pdf from EndNote Web or X1

I have a rather huge EndNote library and my institute has a subscription for almost every article that I need. Before leaving this lab, I would like to download all the articles for references I have in my library. I was wondering if anybody knows a trick for EndNote X1 that it can download all articles one by one without my intervention?

There is a mac program called as Papers which can download articles for you if you just click on each article one by one but that’s the last option I am looking for.

Thanks in advance.

You would have to upgrade to X3.  X2 and later (but X3’s is better) have a “download full text” option.  You can select a group of references and Endnote will try to retrieve the PDF.  – It doesnt’ always work, and depends on where the record came from and when it was downloaded.  Having the DOI field helps.  It will collect  many, andl decrease your need to manually download them all.  I don’t know if you can try it out with the demo, to see how well it performs with your current library?  (I don’t know if you can download PDFs with Endnote Web.) 

Also, you may first want to check with your university/institution’s library and local information professional for specific guidelines regarding copyright issues, if you indend to take the collection of files with you.