EndNote X3 on Mac. Impossible to download from Web of knowledge

Hi all,

I hope to get some help… I have just installed EndNote X3 (before I had EndNote X, which I deleted) on my Mac.

When I go trough the downloading procedure on web of knowledge, everything works fine. A file is created when I save to “EndNote, RefMan, ProCite” and I can drag this file from my downloads folder into my EndNote Library. The only thing is that the references don’t appear anywhere. If I drag the file into my library again, a message comes up and says if I want to replace because the files already exist. 

Anyone has an idea where the references have been saved to?

Thanks in advance,



I have managed to solve the problem. The file that gets downloaded from web of knowledge, which I have dragged into my EndNote library gets saved in the EndNote Library PDF folder. So I have to go through “Finder” to My EndNote Library, to the PDF folder and then open the file from there and then all the references open in the actual EndNote program. I hope my post has helped others.


I think there is an important point to note on the details on this workflow - which may be causing some confusion:

  • Dragging and dropping a file (almost any file type) into your open EndNote library will most likely tell EndNote to try to attach the file to the record on to which the file was dropped. This will not import references.

  • Dragging and dropping a file onto the EndNote application icon on the Dock will tell EndNote to try to import the contents of the file. This should work for the .cgi files exported from Web of Knowledge, PDFs, and many other file types. If EndNote cannot automatically import the file, it will prompt you to add more information through the Import dialog.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team