Downloaded new version of Word, how to integrate EndNote?

Dear all,

I downloaded EndNote X5 a few months ago and this has been working fine with Microsoft Word for Mac 2008. However, I’ve just downloaded Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 and EndNote doesn’t seem to have integrated into the new software automatically (although it still works in Microsoft Word for Mac 2008).

Could anyone tell me how I can get it to integrate into the new version of Word?



Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling X5?  (Also, as a precaution, suggest backing up EndNote library.enl files, .DATA folders, modified output styles, and modified reference templates .xml file before uninstalling the EndNote software program.)

Hi CrazyGecko,

Thanks for the quick reply. No, I haven’t tried that yet because I didn’t think this was possible without having to pay for the software again (I bought EndNote for Mac as a download file from Adept Scientific Webstore with a student discount, and the link they gave me to download it already expired after 2 days). Do you know if it is possible to reinstall without having to pay again?


You should have copies of your installation codes?  You can always download the software.  It is available for “evaluation” and then you just activate it with the right numbers, which you should have had to do in the first place, but I am sure if you called customer service they would help. 

Uninstalling and re-installing should not be necessary to get the tools installed for Word 2011. You should be able to install the tools using the Customizer in EndNote. The following article goes over how to use the Customizer to install the tools in Word as well as the manual installation process:

As Leanne mentioned, you can download the installer if that is needed. You would need the Product Key you received from Adept. You can find the appropriate installer file here:

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Thank you everyone for all of your advice!

Tried Jason’s tip out first and it worked perfectly without any hassle (issue was literally resolved in one minute).

Thanks again,