Integrate CWYW (X5) into Word2011 (Mac OS X Lion)

So i've got EndNote X5 and Office for Mac 2011 (14.1.4). All this on OS X Lion.

Now, a few integration questions.

1. I cannot get EndNote to fully integrate with Word. I have followed the instructions presented on EndNote's website about copying a bundle into Word's application directory, after the initial installation yielded no result. Even this measure, replacing the existing bundle with the one present in EndNote's application folder, led to nothing.

As I was instructed, I went to the File Locations tab in Word Preferences and re-routed the Startup line with the correct folder location of the bundle. This has also had no effect on anything whatsoever.

Basically the EndNote tab that I'm supposed to be seeing in Word does not show up under any circumstances. The options in the menubar while in Word also have no EndNote references in them.

The EndNote application itself is working fine, but cannot paste anything into Word.

There's also a weird symptom. Now, every time I quit word, I get an error message stating "Word could not fire event". I can then click OK and Word quits.
I hope anybody can help me. I didn't find a satisfying solution anywhere so far.

I had to do this:

Start Endnote, open a library then quit (this allows Endnote to install files in certain places in my account).

Then open a teminal and type ‘open Library/Application Support/Endnote’ you’ll need this later

Start Word

Tools -> Templates and Add-Ins -> Add

At this point grab the ‘EndNote CWYW Commands.dotm’ from the window opened up from the terminal and drop it intot he search box,


Tools -> Templates and Add-Ins -> tick the checkbox next to ‘EndNote CWYW Commands.dotm’

and CWYW appeared.

For some reason each new document has the '‘EndNote CWYW Commands.dotm’ but it is unchecked, it’s simple enough to recheck it when needed.

Hope this helps

Is there any way to setup Word so that having to check “Tools -> Templates and Add-Ins -> tick the checkbox next to 'EndNote CWYW Commands.dotm” is done for you automatically?