Downloading Endnote on a MacBook Air

Hello, I have downloaded Endnote to my new MacBook Air. Something called “EndNoteX5.dmg” is sitting in my Downloads folder. However, when I click on it nothing happens. How do I get the download to upload? Thanks for your help.

According to the EndNote X5 “Getting Started” manual* (see p. 13):

To install EndNote:

1. Make sure no applications are running—including virus protection software and Microsoft Word.

2. Start the EndNote installation program. If you downloaded the EndNote installer : Double-click the

disk image to display an EndNote X5 folder. If you received EndNote on a CD : Insert the EndNote CD into your CD-ROM drive. If the installer does not launch immediately, double-click the EndNote X5 Site Installer to display an EndNote X5 folder.

3. Drag the EndNote X5 folder to the Applications folder on your hard drive. NOTE: The EndNote folder must reside in the Applications folder in order to use the Services menu from EndNote and Spotlight searching.

4. Double-click on the Applications folder, then the EndNote X5 folder, then the EndNote X5 application icon in order to launch EndNote and a Customizer program.

5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Click the Next button to move forward as needed through the installation dialogs

* Manuals and other support info is available at:

Thanks, I tried this but it did not work. I have sent off an email to the Endnote technical support folk.

I know this can happen if the file hasn’t completed downloading yet when you attempt to open it. Sometimes the file can even get corrupted when this happens. Plus the file is a good size and MacBook Air relies on the speed of whatever wireless connection you are on.

I’d suggest trashing that file, downloading it again from the site ( watching the Download progression bar (usually in Tools / Downloads or Window / Downloads).

Once it’s done, move it to the desktop and open it there. Then you should be able to follow the instructions from the other post.