Downloading supplementary information for journal articles

As well as the Find Full Text would it be possible to have a Find Supplementary Information tool?

One of my researchers is using ReadCube.  In it, once  you have downloaded your reference and PDF a button appears called ‘Enhance PDF’ which allows you to add the supplementary information.  You can also tick a box to always add this.

When you export the reference to Endnote and click on the paperclip icon a window opens giving you the choice of viewing the article PDF or the Supplementary Information.  All well and good, but I have found that if you then try to preview a PDF not added via ReadCube you have to drill down to the PDF folder in the .DATA folder to find the one you want - not always easy if they are just numbered (and very annoying).

I think I will probably have to uninstall ReadCube to get my library to function the way I want it to again.

Anyway my suggestion is that you have an easy way of capturing Supplementary Information (without having to save it to the PDF folder and then link it) so that one doesn’t need to use a separate tool like ReadCube.