Import/download PDF files directly from their respective database into Endnote, when it possible


I would suggest to Endnote team to make it possible that, when Endote searches for a reference, it also checks if the associated PDF file is already available for free download. If so, then Endnote should also download the PDF as long as the imported reference and attach it automatically.  

(this could be offered as an option to search and download the pdfs whenever available)

This should be feasible because, in addition to open source journals which offer PDF free for download, some other paid journals make articles freely available after some time after publication. So, if Endnote could directly import/download PDF files from their respective databases and attach them to the imported references, this will be a great option!

By the way, please Thomson, DO NOT take this idea to make a paid “deal” with greedy journal editors (such as Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Biomedcentral,…etc) to make this option available against fees! 

Thomson Reuters has already a very bad practice in the instauration of the so-called “Impact factor”, which is in reality a “destructive factor” for science and science community! Because it became a purely business tool, maybe this is what Thomson aimed for!

Impact factor deviates science and scientists from the “noble” science missions in solving problems and finding suitable solutions for current and future issues.

If Thomson takes my idea and apply it by doing a deal with the greedy journal editors to offer the possibility to download PDFs directly from the journal databases, I should have be offered an Endnote life license and an aknowledgement in the software notice! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you agree with this condition, then go ahead, and take this idea to propose to journal editors to make it possible to download PDF directly within Endnote against rates or subscription fees; not for Endnote users please, but for cupid journal editors only (hoping they will not reverberate it on readers!)

If you are not OK with my condition, and I see my idea applied in Endnote, then I will make a complaint and appeal to court!


I just would like to add that the option proposed above could be set up, for example as follow in the reference search settings (after a request has been made in Endnote and the approprieta reference found): 

"PDF available, download file"? 

"PDF not available for free download"


Selectable bluk options coulc also be added:

1) download PDF files whenever available for the requested references. 

2) do not download PDF files, let me choose which file to download.


I hate to use the “Z” word but Zotero does this beautifully - so hard to tell faculty that EndNote cannot…

I hate to use the “Z” word but Zotero does this beautifully - so hard to tell faculty that EndNote cannot


Does it do really? It deserves a try then… 

Not impossible anyway, because the open source program have the advantage to be quickly and freely modified by anyone without passing by heavy administration procedure such as in the paid prog…