Dragging pdf files


I have two or three suggestions to do with accessing and using pdf files.

I can drag a pdf file from my computer’s desktop into a reference record and it is then marked by a paper clip icon.  This is very useful but it would be even more useful if I could do the opposite:-- Drag a paper clip icon from a reference record onto the desktop so as to drop a copy of the pdf there. 

And even better than that would be if I could double click on the paperclip icon and open the pdf in Endnote.  Now, I have to hunt for the appropriate icon on the toolbar, which brings up…I much preferred the old icon of a paperclip or pdf symbol in the toolbar than the new icon (in Version X.4) of an open folder.   The manilla folder means “open directory” to me, not “open pdf file”.  Can you bring back the paperclip or give users the ability to define their own toolbar icons?

Thanks for your consideration,

Mike in Philly