Duplicate handling - merge references rather than delete

When searching for duplicate references, I would like the ability to merge the duplicates.

Good example: I have 2 references, one with an attached PDF but maybe incomplete field data, the other reference has correct author, title, year etc. but no attachment. At the moment I would have to choose to keep the record with the attachment to avoid losing it, then go back to the library to find the reference and choose “find record updates”. I would like instead a merge button that combined the most complete information from both references into the one record.


I agree with this suggestion.  Who else is with us?  

I agree

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I agree.
Maybe also an option to perform “Find Reference Updates” at the same time?

Me too.

Downloading the citation as a file and then downloading the PDF and then attaching the PDF into the reference opened by the citation (which then copies the PDF to the Endnote duplicate) seems to be the current workflow your product requires, and that is not something I’m going to do.  Back to Quiqqa I go.

Can I double vote!?

Yes, i would entirely agree.