Merge information between duplicate references

I’m new to Endnote, so forgive me if this function already exists (and take the suggestion that it needs to be made easier to find:smiley:).  I see there is a function that displays duplicates side by side and even allows one to copy-paste between them before deleting one of the duplicates.  This could be greatly improved if there were an option to automatically merge data from missing fields. 

For example, one may have a citation they entered manually and added information to a custom key words field, but did not type in the abstract.  This citation later gets added from an online database search and includes the abstract, but does not have the custom key words.  It would be very helpful to have endnote copy the missing data from one record to the other and then automatically delete the other one (and it would not matter which is deleted as the remaining one would now contain the data from the deleted record).

This could be even more useful if you could add a function that takes all existing references and does an online search for additional information about that record (such as is done with the “find full text” option).  This way, simple records could be enhanced if an online database contained more information than the original record in my endnote library.

Endnote X5 does has the last capability.  It can update a record.  (only available right now for the PC, - the Mac version I believe comes out this fall?)

Also, in compare duplicates, you can copy and paste from one record to the other (since X4?), but it doesn’t auto combine the two.  Then you keep the combined one, deleting the incomplete one.

Great news! Sounds like an upgrade is in order. Thanks for letting me know!