Duplicates when importing from OvidSP

When I import references from OvidSP databases (PsycINFO, Medline etc), EndNote doesn’t check for duplicates and import the same references again.

Under Preferences -> Duplicates, I have chosen Automatically discard duplicates, but it does not happen. Any advice on how to get the duplicate check to work properly?

it only works for the integrated mode and not the online only mode.  I put my new references in a new library and import that library into my main library with discard duplicates dropdown. 

I forgot to say in my first post that I use the Export-button after searching in OvidSP, I’m not talking about Online Search inside EndNote.

I don’t think that does the duplicate search either.  I first open a temporary library and then proceed as below.  It would be really nice if Endnote developers could implement a way to by pass this extra step and itegrate a duplicate screen during direct import, online import and other copy to library workflows. 

The “Automatically discard duplicates” setting in EndNote Preferences only applies to the use of the built-in “Online Search” function in Integrated Library Mode in EndNote. This setting does not apply to files being imported to EndNote from an external database. See the attached screen shot.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

So this means that I have to run dublicate check manually after every time I have imported references?

Yep, unless you implement my workflow and first open a “temporary” library - and then import that one into your main library. 

Will EndNoteX5 give us a duplicate check for direct exports?

We sorely miss it as this causes a lot of trouble for our users!