EndNote X5 won't filter out duplicates???

I just made the switch to EndNote X5 from Reference Manager last week.  My first efforts at adding new references from Google Scholar resulted in a lot of duplicates being imported.  Virtually nothing was filtered out, no matter how I changed the Duplicates criteria in Preferences.  Oddly, dragging a pdf into EndNote resulted in successful duplicate detection.

After searching the EndNote Forum, I found a message about similar problems with importing from Ovid.  A message from Leanne seemed to have the only solution: creating a new library, importing all new references into that library and then moving the new references into my permanent library.  A lot of bother and I still got too many duplicates that I needed to identify one-by-one.  Too clunky for long term use, as I import hundreds of references per month.

Reference Manager, despite its many faults, at least had a workable duplicate detection algorithm.  Why doesn’t EndNote?

As an aside, I seem to be getting most solutions to my problems from posts by Leanne.  Don’t know who she is, and I’m sure there are other excellent mentor posters, but I hope TR is doing something for her (and the others).  Free software upgrades, frequent flier miles, invitations to office parties, flowers on her birthday?  Just don’t lose her!

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The duplicate detection won’t be invoked if you are using direct export which it sounds like you are if you’re using Google Scholar. Duplicate detection does work when importing the old fashion way, as well as Online Search.  It’s on the list for a future release. Is Google Scholar the only resource you use for finding and importing references or are there others?

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

It is worth remembering that the duplicate detection for importing directly (via “Connect”) in the (seldom used) “Integrated” mode  - has to be turned on from its default preference of “off”. Discard duplicates doesn’t work in any other automated situation in the current versions of endnote (up to X5.0.1).   

To discard duplicates, I routinely import into a temporary library, and then import that library into my main library with “discard duplicates” on.  Then I run the find full full text on the new records, by sorting on either Record Numbers or the date added field.