E-mail a clean copy of pdf (withnout annotation)

Being able to e-mail a colleague a copy of on of your pdf’s directly is a great feature, but however, most of my pdf’s are annotated and I don’t like to share them. I end up digging for the PDF or, cleaning it up, and then e-mailing it. It will be great to be able to e-mail a cleaned up copy.

Secondly, the current “E-Mail PDF” button, opens up a new Outlook window which is convenient if you, wish to send a copy to someone. However, in most cases, I would want to attach a PDF to an existing thread of emails, i.e…, a colleague sent me a question about a reference. This can be solved by creating a button that copies a “clean” copy to the clipboard, where this “clean” copy can be posted into a thread of e-mails, Dropbox, etc.

On my wish list also: to be able to click on a button where the PDF opens up in the system default PDF (inseam of clicking right on the attachment…). I have a professional copy that I am used to. Also this allows for opening quickly multiple PDF using the system default PDF.


I second this question. I would certainly like to know how to acheive this functionalty if possible.

I attach two PDFs if I am going to annotate in EndNote.

It would be nice if after you use the find full text feature to autodownload the PDF, you could just make one PDF for annotation and one clean copy.